Top 5 Suitable Tank Mates for Cichlids

What Kind of Tank Mates is Suitable for Cichlids

1. Tank mates should be bottom dwellers, fast-moving & large.

2. Tank mates with same water condition.

3. Tank mates should be same temperament & same size.

Which Type of Tank Mates You Should Avoid

 1. Fish that need different water condition than Cichlids.

 2. Small peaceful fish.

3. Other aggressive Cichlids.

You can keep same species of cichlids together.

If you have African Cichlids in your tank. You can only add African Cichlids not any other species of Cichlids.

1. Same species of Cichlids.

2. Zebra Loach

Do not keep baby Loach in a Cichlid tank. cichlids can eat them.  Keep them when they are adult.

3. Redtail Shark

4. Giant Danio

5. Siamese Algae Eaters