How to soften aquarium water?

There are many ways to soften aquarium water. Here are 4 Effective ways how to soften aquarium water.

Using a Peat moss as a filter media

Before using peat moss boil the them to make sure that they do not contained any harm full bacteria.

Boil the Peat moss for 2-3 minutes. Boling can also prevent the excessive yellowing of aquarium water.

Before putting peat moss in the filter make sure that they are not hot. After boiling them you should cool them and then use them in the filter. 

Rain Water

You can also use rainwater to soften your aquarium water. Do some water change with rainwater.

Just make sure to test the rainwater before putting into your aquarium.

Water Softener Pillow

Water Softener Pillows are also a good chose for soften aquarium water.

This is a chemical softener you can buy from a nearby aquarium shop. Before using any chemical softener read the instruction carefully.


Driftwood can also soften aquarium water but they need some time to work properly.

Also decontaminated before using any driftwood in aquarium.

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