How to Feed Betta Fish

5 Things You Need to know

Betta fish are one of the most popular fish kept as pets. They are known for their beautiful colors and for being easy to care for.

How Much Food do Betta Need

Betta feed do not have a large stomach. They have a small stomach. The stomach is same size as their eyes.

Choose a Good Pellets

Fish pellets are a type of fish feed that is made up of small, compressed fish bits. They are often used as a primary food source for fish in fish tanks and ponds.

Remove The Excess Amount of Food

Always remove extra food from aquarium. Extra food is great for making poor water quality. 

Be Consistent

Not only for Betta fish, you should have a daily routine for feeding your pet fish.

Do not panic if you miss a routine for feeding. Betta can live 14 days without feeding.

Provide variety of Food

You should not only feed pellets. Try different foods such as live, frozen foods.

Live Foods such as bloodworm, larvae, insects.

Frozen foods such as frozen brine shrimp.