How Can a Wild Snail Harm Your Aquarium

Snails are a great addition to an aquarium. They are good algae eaters.

Yes, you can add wild snails to your aquarium. But there are some facts you should know about snails before adding them to your aquarium.

Here are some of the ways snails can harm your freshwater aquarium

1. All wild snails can carry infectious diseases.

2. Snails are pretty good at eating plant matter when it comes to eating. They can eat your live aquarium plants.

3. When snails die, they will release ammonia into the aquarium water. The imbalance of ammonia can be harmful to other fish.

4. They are pretty fast to increasing their population. Try to remove the snails egg as soon as you see them.

5. Snails make their way inside filters and can block the inlets or prevent the impellers from working.

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