5 Freshwater Aquarium Snails

Snails are great in aquarium. They are pretty good to eat algae and extra food.

Snails are great but they can reproduce fast so keep in mind when keeping them.

If you put bigger fish in your tank they will eat the snails.

1. Mystery Snail

You can pair them with other aquarium snails or shrimp too.

There are a number of very intricate and beautiful designs.

2. Nerite Snail

3.Assassin Snail

This aquarium snail is a bit interesting because it’s carnivorous.

4. Rabbit Snail

Their shells extend back way further than a lot of other aquarium snails, giving them a max size of around 3-5 inches in length!

5. Ivory Snail

The Ivory Snail is a simple yet elegant freshwater species that many aquarists love. These snails have a straightforward creamy white color.