5 Facts About Mantis Shrimp

Do not deceive by the looks. They are beautiful but still very dangerous. Their punches are very powerful.

The mantis shrimp can punch with the speed of a .22 caliber bullet that is strong enough to break the shells of its prey, as well as aquarium glass.

Some species of mantis shrimp wield spear-like limbs that can impale their targets, instead of club-like limbs for bashing them.

When a mantis shrimp hits its target, the velocity causes water to vaporize, extremely high heat, and a flash of light all of which is felt by the prey as an additional blow.

When the striking limb of a mantis shrimp is not in use, it lies folded under the its body, compressing a saddle shaped spring that drives the mantis stupendous strikes.

Their super-strong punches aren’t the only notable thing about them. Their eyes can see a huge variety of light wavelengths, including those in the ultraviolet spectrum.

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