5 Ways to Calm Down Stressed Fish in Aquarium

Stress is pretty harmful to any fish. Stress can dim your fish's bright color. They will be less active when stressed.

5 Ways to Calm Down Stressed Fish in Aquarium

1. Keep nitrate and ammonia levels low 2. Right tank size 3. Avoid overfeeding 4.  Consistent temperature  5. Ensure fish compatibility

Keep nitrate and ammonia levels low

Nitrate and ammonia are pretty harmful to aquarium fish. You should keep track of those elements. Try to maintain consist level.

Right tank size

Always try give bigger space to your fish. Too many fish in a small space is not good for their health. This can also stun their growth.

Avoid Overfeeding

Overfeeding can many problems like constipation, and water parameters change. 

Extra food is great source to make ammonia. You should avoid this.

Consistent temperature

 Keep a specific range like 70-75 degree Celsius. Every fish have their own temperature recommendation.

It does not mean you have to maintain 75 degree Celsius all time.

Ensure fish compatibility

Do not a keep peaceful fish with aggressive fish. They will eat the peaceful fish. Making a community fish tank check which fish do well with which fish.