7 Amazing Types of Betta Fish

Betta is amazing fish. They are beautiful fish to watch. They are aggressive.

1. Veil Tail

Color: Multiple colors  Fins & tails: Long flowing fins with a swooping tail. Typical patterns: Butterfly, dragon scale. Behavior: Less aggressive

2. Crown Tail

Color: Multiple colors Fins & tails: Webbing between rays. Typical patterns: Full mask, butterfly, dragon scale Behavior: A little aggressive

3. Delta

Color: Multiple colors  Fins & tails: Caudal fins usually flare out. Typical patterns: Solid, dragon scale, full mask, bi-color.  Behavior: Aggression subjective to fish’s ancestry.

4. Double Tail

Fins & tails: Two noticeable caudal fins, separated at the base Typical patterns: Piebald, bi-color, solid. Behavior: slight aggressive

5. Half Moon

 Fins & tails: Flowing 180° tail with overlapping anal and dorsal fins  Typical patterns: Butterfly pattern, dragon scale Behavior: Aggressive than Veil tail

6. Spade Tail

Fins & tails: Tail flares out curving to a point with large dorsal and anal fin Typical patterns: Dragon scale. Behavior: Less aggressive