7 Stocking Ideas For 20 Gallon Fish Tank

There is a guiding strategy we can follow, 1-inch of fish per gallon of water. Though we can not use this guideline when stocking 3-4 inches of fish.

Things to Remember Before Stocking Any Fish

1. Compatibility between different fish species.

2. Adult fish size

3. Territoriality or aggression levels

Livebearer Community Tank

3X Guppies 2X Platies 2X Mollies

Tetra Community Tank

5X Neon Tetras. 5X Glowlight tetras. 3X Black Phantom tetras. 3X Cherry Shrimp.

Combo No.3

6-10 Danios. 6 Pygmy Corydoras. 6 Cherry Shrimp.

Combo No.4

6 Dwarf Corydoras such as the Panda Corydoras Catfish, Skunk Corydoras Catfish, or Albino Corydoras Catfish

Combo No.5

If you want School of fish, you can 8-12 Neon Tetras

Combo No.6

3 females and 2 males from the Endler Guppies species.

Combo No.7

10 Danio Margaritatus


6-8 Cory Catfish