How To Get Rid of Aquarium Snails: 4 Easy Ways

Aquarium snails can be a real pain, and they breed like crazy and can overrun your aquarium in no time. If you’re looking for ways to get rid of them, you’ve come to the right place. So, how to get rid of aquarium snails?

In this post, we’ll discuss four methods that you can use to eradicate these pesky critters from your tank.

Let’s get started!

Are Pest Snails Bad For My Fish Tank?

No, pest snails are not bad for your fish tank, and they are very beneficial because they clean up waste and other material. However, if you have too many of them, they can become a nuisance.

Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the population of pest snails in your tank and take action if necessary.

How To Get Rid of Aquarium Snails?

There are many ways to get rid of aquarium snails. Here are four ways to get rid of aquarium snails; give them less food, Manually remove them, use a snail trap, and use fish that will eat snails from your aquarium.

Less Food

One of the easiest ways to get rid of aquarium snails is to reduce their food supply. You can do this by either reducing the amount of food you give your fish or removing any leftover food from the tank after a few hours.

You can use frozen and live foods that can be eaten entirely by the fish before going to the bottom of the tank. Also, remove any extra food from your aquarium.

How To Get Rid of Aquarium Snails
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Also, make sure to clean your aquarium correctly. Use a siphon to clean gravel and a scrubber to scrub off the algae from the aquarium.

Snails can eat food from the waste produced by your fish, algae, and dying live pants. So, keep an eye on the algae growth and your live plants in the aquarium.

Manual Removal

If a snail outbreak happens in your aquarium, you can manually use a snail catcher or net to remove them from your tank.

There are a few ways to remove snails from an aquarium manually. One way is to use a net to scoop them out of the water.

Another is to use a siphon to suck them up into a bucket. You can also use a turkey baster or a dropper to remove them.

This can be a tiring method cause you have to catch one by one and remove them from your tank.

Snail Trap

Some snails species, like Malaysian snails, are nocturnal and like to burrow in the substrate, so it can be hard to catch them by net or using a snail’s catcher.

You can use a DIY stain trap or buy one and use that in this situation. First, use an empty plastic container to make your snail trap and make some in that container.

The hole should not be very big and make a hole that only snails can enter and not your fish after making the holes boil, the counter removes any harmful bacteria that can harm your aquarium fish.

Now put some small vegetable pieces like cucumber, zucchini, carrot, or lettuce into the container and put the container into the aquarium.

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Leave the container with food overnight in the aquarium and see the magic the following day.

Most of your aquarium snails will be in the container. So, what to do with the snails? You can feed them to other predator fish.

Snail Eaters

Almost all freshwater pufferfish love to eat snails, and the crunchiness of the snail shells can help grind down pufferfish teeth and prevent them from getting too long.

Many loaches such as zebra, yoyo, and clowns can use their pointy snouts to poke into snail shells and slurp out the insides.

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