Fancy Goldfish: Full Care Guide

Fancy Goldfish are group varieties of Goldfish. Goldfish are a common example of keeping fish in the home. People do not realize the wide variety available.

The fancy Goldfish offers a glamorous look to your aquarium. They each have their own unique selling point. They are not very hard to care for, so most aquarists can keep them.

In this guide, you will learn: how to care for them, Their diet, habitat and tank mates, and more.

Care Level:Easy/Medium.
Color Form:Various.
LIfespan:5-10 Years.
Size:Around 6 inches.
Minimum Tank Size:20 Gallons.
Tank Setup:Freshwater: Cold, Planted.
Compatibility:Peaceful Coldwater species.

Overview of Fancy Goldfish

All Goldfish are freshwater fish. They belong to the Cyprinidae family. They are native to East Asia. If you want to keep fancies, you need to be prepared to regularly clean the tank to help prevent illness.

The cleaning should not be too difficult. A beginner might not want to give this much time and effort and this could lead to mistakes. They should live for around 5-10 years; It also depends on the type and the individual. The color, shape, and size are different from variety to variety.

The Appearance of Fancy Goldfish

They have an egg-shaped body and double tail/anal fins. They are also few inches shorter than other Goldfish varieties.

Blackmoor Goldfish

They are also known as Black Telescopes. They are completely black with sets of double fins. Their main attraction is their telescope eyes. They can grow up to 4 inches. You may find other varieties of telescope goldfish that have different colorations.

Bubble Eye Goldfish

They have a unique look. The Bubble Eye Goldfish’s eyes are point upwards and sit next to two bubbles. They can grow up to 4 inches long. You can usually find orange and white coloration.

Fantail Goldfish

They are also known for their quadruple caudal fin. A set of four fins at the rear of their egg-shaped body. They are usually orange and white in color and grow up to 6 inches.

Lionhead Goldfish

The Lionhead Goldfish fins are not quite extravagant as other varieties. They have a peculiar hood. The hood is a growth on the head that covers the cheeks and gill plates. They are available in orange, white, and gold colors. They can grow up to 5 inches.

Sometimes Lionheads are mistaken for the Oranda Goldfish which has a hood too. The Oranda Goldfish can grow up to 12 inches.

Pearlscale Goldfish

Pearlscale Goldfish have around, almost spherical, the body that is covered in domed scales. The scales are usually white and contrast an orange body which creates an intriguing pattern. They can grow up to 8 inches.

Wakin Goldfish

You may not find Wakin Goldfish in the aquarium. You are likely to find them in the ponds. They have a double fin at the end of the slender body. The average size is 10 inches. They have classic orange and white colors.

The Behavior of Fancy Goldfish

Fancy Goldfish are generally peaceful. You will see them spending most of the time swimming around the middle level of the tank. They are slow swimmers. Because of this they can not chase other fish or escape from other aggressive fish. This is why you should not put aggressive fish with Fancy Goldfish in the same tank.

They are active during courting and feeding. During courting a male will put on a show to impress the females. At feeding times they will all want to get the food before anyone else.

The Tank Requirements of Fancy Goldfish

The Goldfish are selectively bred fish. Their close relatives are Carps. Carps live in slightly murky water in the wild with plenty of free-floating plants and a dirt bottom to the river bed. They live in slow-moving bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, canals, and reservoirs. The water temperature is between 42oF and 82oF.

Tank size

The minimum tank size for one Fancy Goldfish is 20 gallons. You need to make sure your goldfish have enough room so they can swim around in the middle of the tank.


Live plants can help to keep the water cleaner and oxygenated. The plants also provide hiding spots to fish. You can use most plants including anacharis, hornwort, and java fern.

Water Temperature

Fancy Goldfish is a cold-water species. So they do not need a heater. The ideal temperature range is 50oF-75oF. If the water temperature is below the ideal range then you should consider a heater. Do not keep your tank close to heat sources like radiators.


A filter is must required equipment for a Fancy Goldfish tank. Use a good filter to prevent disease.

pH level

The pH of the water should be kept around 6.5-7.5.

Diet of Fancy Goldfish

They are omnivores so they will eat both meat and plants/vegetables. You can feed them store-bought flake and pellet foods. You can also use frozen and live foods including:

  • Daphnia.
  • Bloodworms.
  • Brine shrimp.

You can also use moist food. Moist foods help to keep things moving through their body to avoid constipation.

Feed them twice a day, and only an amount that they can eat in couple of minutes.

Tankmates for Fancy Goldfish

They are cold water fish so tank mates are limited. Ideal tank mates include:

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