How To Plant Live Aquarium Plants in Pots: Full Guide

Why plant live plants? Unlike plastic plants, live plants give a natural look to your aquarium and provide oxygen to your aquarium.

Live plants also remove nitrates and phosphorus from an aquarium, and they will also absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen to an aquarium.

In this guide, we will learn How to plant live aquarium plants in pots?

Aquarium Plants in Pots
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Why aquarium plants in pots?

If you want to keep Cichlids or Goldfishes that are famous for digging up the gravel, in this scenario, you should keep your aquarium plants in pots.

Potted plants are easy to move around inside any aquarium. It would be best if you remembered this, and small pots will limit the root spread of that plant.

When you buy a plant, the plant will place in a small plastic pot. You can remove the plant from that small pot and put it into a bigger pot than that. While removing the plants, try not to damage the roots of the plant.

Damaging the plant’s roots will cause unhealthy plants or even sometimes death. So remember not to damage the roots.

Do potted plants need anchors?

There is no simple answer to this question. Sometimes, you need to anchor the plant, and sometimes you won’t.

If you want to keep the plat in a small pot, you need to anchor them. If you put them in a big terracotta pot, they will sink in the bottom of the aquarium.

There are many different methods of anchoring an aquarium plant to the bottom. You can use some weight or fishing line to anchor the aquarium’s bottom.

This is a dedicated article, How To Anchor Aquarium Plants – 7 Easy Methods.

How to plant live plants in an aquarium pot?

Before planting plants in pots, you should prepare the pot’s container or pot and substrate. There are many ways to plant aquarium plants, like planting them in gravel, Floating, and anchoring to the bottom of the sand or gravel.

Now let us see how to prepare a suitable pot for aquarium live plants:

Preparing safe pots for aquarium

We need to prepare a safe pot or container for our aquarium plant. There are many choices for containers or pots, and we have lots of options to choose from. We can use standard terracotta clay pots but remember not to use pantied or glazed clay pots.

Pantied or glazed clay terracotta clay pots are not safe for aquariums. We can also use plastic pots for aquariums.

Not every plant has the same root system, and some plants need more space than other plants for their root system.

Before choosing the pot, we should understand what plant we want to plant in that pot or container. Like java ferns do not need a lot of space for their roots, the amazon sword plant needs lots of space for its roots to grow.

Substrate for aquarium pots

We can also use aquarium gravel for pots substrate. The available nutrient in aquarium substrate may not be enough for our plant to use some aquarium fertilizers or roots tab.

Those aquarium fertilizers and roots tabs will help our plant to grow faster and healthier. How to add root tabs in an aquarium? We need to put them into the gravel around the plant. Every one or two months after, replace the tabs with new ones.

Step by step guide to planting in pots

Now mix your fertilizer with gravel that you want to put in a pot or container. Now hold the plant above the container with the plant halfway inside. Then start adding gravel to the container until it covers the roots above where they meet the stalk.

To fill the pot with gravel, you can use a small cup or spoon. Now gently press the gravel to ensure the plant is steady and firm.

You can add rocks on top of the gravel in the pot or container to decorate the pot. Before adding any rocks, the rocks should be aquarium safe to use.

Read this article to understand How to clean rocks for aquariums?

Aquarium plants in terracotta pots

We can also use Terracotta pots, and it is a great alternative to other pots. Terracotta pots come in various sizes, and you can choose what the best choice for your aquarium is.

You can also use hind them in the gravel, dig the gravel and put the pot and cover with gravel and rocks.

Terracotta pots are a lot better when putting them in a large aquarium, and they can keep big plants in them.

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