About Us

Updated On April 2021

Welcome to KeepingWorld.

My name is Shuvradeb, and I live in West Bengal, India.

Reason Why I Made This Blog?

Hello, I am a content writer. Fishkeeping is my hobby. There were many problems I faced during my first fishkeeping. So, I made the KeepingWorld.com blog to help new fishkeepers.

What Will You Get from This Blog?

This blog aims to educate new fishkeepers, so they do not make the mistakes that I make during my first fish keeping. Other than guides you can find reviews of aquarium products, and fish care guides ( including Species overview, origin, diet, temperament, water parameters, tank setup for specific fish, compatible tankmates, and some common diseases.

Please keep in mind I do not give veterinary solutions. If you think your fish is ill or not healthy please seek a veterinary doctor’s help.

Want to contact me?

You can go through the Contact us page.